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I’m Walking!

on June 26, 2012

I've been on the go for about a week now!

I finally found out that walking is fun and not scary! And yes, I walk with my hands up in the air. :)

This is my special dress from the Cayman Islands...thank you, Pawpaw and Grandma!

This new toy is definitely a favorite of mine! I love figuring out how things work!

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Here's one of my first walking videos!

  • Aww! So adorable! I love to see her walking!

  • How precious to see her walking! Thank you for letting us see her in the dress. She looks good in those colors. I love the hands in the air! Precious!

  • The kids and I loved watching this…we had to replay it over and over for Brogan! He kept saying “It’s Eva!” :) She is getting SO big! And just as cute as ever!

  • Hope

    go Eva, go! :)